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The Bells

by iconDARK



The Bells
A Christmas story by iconDARK

I hear them through the boarded windows and the cracked walls. They make another pass, and the floor vibrates with the ringing of the bells. Always closer… spiraling through the carcass of our city like a fork over a dinner plate, searching for leftovers.

The main course ended months ago. They came from everywhere and nowhere. Formless nightmares from the darkness between the stars, or the darkness between our thoughts. Is there a difference? Not with things that can snatch shapes out of our minds like the entrails from a Christmas goose and use them to lure… and feed.

And now… crumbs. A bit of sauce. A few morsels hiding under a half-collapsed schoolhouse. Or a post office. Or a church.

There was nothing for weeks. We thought they’d gone… or slumbered while digesting the last bit of desert. But they were just waiting out the clocks and calendars. They knew us. And when the time came, they knew what sounds to make… what shapes to take…

The children think it’s him. Of course, they would. Even after all they’ve seen, they still believe in miracles. They’re begging me to pull back the boards and let them free to meet him. Maybe they’re right. In the crumbling remains of a world clutched in teeth of impossible things… why not peace on earth? A peace that sounds like not starving. Like not crying through the night, afraid that a child’s fanciful nightmare will seep through a wall and devour us. A peace that sounds like bells… a few screams… and blessed silence? Isn’t that a gift worth embracing?

Isn’t it?

So, as the bells approach for their closest pass yet, I yank back the barricades and we take hands.

“Merry Christmas!” I scream, and we prance out into the open. A sky bursting with horrors greets us with a familiar shape and the ringing of bells.

I hope they choke on us.


released December 6, 2019


all rights reserved



iconDARK Atlanta, Georgia

iconDARK is an Atlanta-based electronic music producer.

His music eschews the dance floor and rather evokes a sense of dark wonder, unease, and awe in the listener.

As an artist, iconDARK defies a single-genre classification. His instrumentals range from dark ambient to witch house to dark lofi to illbient to synthwave to darksynth to…

Yet he manages to bring his own flavor to each.
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