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Boombox on the Edge of the Abyss

by iconDARK



Distance: 9671.9502
Origin: Standard
Units: Standard

Incinerators. No active units spotted, but all the classic signs were on display. Scorched cities and melted military hardware. Nearly all organic life burned away. Atmosphere choked with ash. Enough tech survived to tell the same old story. In this iteration, they were created as an opposing force against what the locals thought was an alien invasion. Their “saviors” inevitably turned against them and made the world safe for themselves by burning everything bigger than bacteria to ash. There are two things that stand out here… and not in a good way. The original invaders were not extraterrestrial, at least not in the way the locals meant. Descriptions match entities encountered by us “elsewhere”; they weren’t native to this plane of existence at all. We detected [classified] fluctuations, but couldn’t risk a proper search. Conclusion: There is at least one, and possibly several, open, uncontrolled incursion points leading to unknown destinations. Then there’s the lack of incinerator units. Not even wreckage. No active signals. We’ve encountered stealth iterations before, but I think we need to accept a worse scenario. This world has a hole in it, and it’s leaking like a sieve into destinations unknown. The incinerators that we know were here… aren’t any more. They’re gone… loose in the multiverse, searching for more worlds to immolate. Who knows where they’ll turn up. Where they may have ALREADY turned up. The fools on this world may have killed a lot more than just themselves.

Recommendation: Type-3 Quarantine until such time as an occupying force can locate and map incursion points. Then expand quarantine as needed. We need to know where they went.


released June 20, 2023


all rights reserved



iconDARK Atlanta, Georgia

iconDARK is an Atlanta-based electronic music producer.

His music eschews the dance floor and rather evokes a sense of dark wonder, unease, and awe in the listener.

As an artist, iconDARK defies a single-genre classification. His instrumentals range from dark ambient to witch house to dark lofi to illbient to synthwave to darksynth to…

Yet he manages to bring his own flavor to each.
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