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Combat Geometry

by iconDARK



Multiversal Vector 197 [approximate. exact value classified]
Distance 97123 [also approximate]
Origin: Standard
Units: Standard

This world is much like our own except for the presence of unique non-ionizing, non-electromagnetic energies which can be manipulated by certain individuals with rigorous training and genetic/technological enhancement. Enhancement may not be necessary for those with specific and rare genetic markers derived from as-yet unknown sources. Enhancements may also be "accidental" in cases of significant brain trauma resulting from with contact with [classified] entities. These individuals can manipulate these energies to summon, direct, and control destructive beams and forcefields, referred to respectively as "lines" and "planes." With significant preparation and exertion, they can also "fold" local spacetime to enable rapid travel akin to teleportation. These individuals are employed solely by this worlds' version of the US. Government in military operations where they are referred to as "Combat Geometrists"

Recommendation: High Value target for treaty, trade and alliance against [Classified] forces. Do not antagonize. We NEED these people on our side.


released June 16, 2023


all rights reserved



iconDARK Atlanta, Georgia

iconDARK is an Atlanta-based electronic music producer.

His music eschews the dance floor and rather evokes a sense of dark wonder, unease, and awe in the listener.

As an artist, iconDARK defies a single-genre classification. His instrumentals range from dark ambient to witch house to dark lofi to illbient to synthwave to darksynth to…

Yet he manages to bring his own flavor to each.
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