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by iconDARK



Colony Ship O93-197173, designated: “October Falls”, launched for New Edyn on 1.13.2507. Unknown to the passengers, crew, and onboard AI systems, a ship identical to O93-197173… designated herein as O93-197173(B)… emerged from a previously undiscovered spacial anomaly located [REDACTED] on 1.1.2507… twelve days before departing for New Edyn. The ship was severely damaged and showed signs of severe age-related degradation. Exterior scans returned no life signs and no power output. Three recovery and exploratory missions were launched. All three suffered critical systems failures shortly after arrival to the vicinity of O93-197173(B). All remote probes entering the October Falls ceased transmitting within ten minutes. Data retrieved indicated the presence of operational power systems, a damaged but still functioning AI, and signs of surviving crew and/or passengers despite the lack of external life and power signatures. Data contained audio and electromagnetic signals of unknown and possibly [REDACTED] origin. No contact was made. It was decided that the launch of O93-197173 would not be cancelled due to the potential of creating a temporal-spatial paradox.

O93-197173(B) was destroyed via long-range energy and kinetic bombardment on 2.14.2507. Attempts to examine the resulting debris resulted in [REDACTED]. The debris cloud is currently on course for Earth, ETA [REDACTED].

O93-197173 never arrived at New Edyn and is presumed lost.


released January 20, 2019


all rights reserved



iconDARK Atlanta, Georgia

iconDARK is an Atlanta-based electronic music producer.

His music eschews the dance floor and rather evokes a sense of dark wonder, unease, and awe in the listener.

As an artist, iconDARK defies a single-genre classification. His instrumentals range from dark ambient to witch house to dark lofi to illbient to synthwave to darksynth to…

Yet he manages to bring his own flavor to each.
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