by iconDARK

Signal 5 04:20


Three (plus a remix) different explorations of the same narrative and musical idea. The fading signals from the depths of space are the last gasp of a long-dead civilization... but who is listening to them?

Are they inscrutable warnings of a doom now sweeping toward humanity, or are these final transmissions our attempt to warn the future of what befell us eons ago?

"The Black Planet" is an electro-cinematic track that serves as a tone-setter and "opening credits" to the EP as a whole.

"Six Signals From A Dead World" is the meat of the matter. A dark ambient soundscape presenting six auditory glimpses into some unknown apocalypse.

"Signal 5" is a more uptempo but still dark breakbeat-style jam. Just because some people will be partying through the apocalypse doesn't mean it isn't the end.

"The Black Planet (Synth Mix)" is the same song as it's namesake, but with a more retro synthwave vibe. "Closing Credits", if you will.


This EP is available for free (via direct download or Bandcamp code upon request) to anyone who joins my cult... err.... mailing list!


released August 25, 2019


all rights reserved



iconDARK Atlanta, Georgia

I produce dark electronic, drone and dark ambient tracks from my home studio in Atlanta, GA.

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